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Whether you use 1 glasswasher in your food truck or 8 glasswashers in your hotel, the installation of the equipment plays a very important role. At Gold Coast Catering Equipment Services, we make available a team of fully trained service agents who do not only understand how the equipment works but also how to get the best results for you. Whether you need a fully qualified Washtech glasswasher service and repair agent or an expertly trained Norris or Hobart Glasswasher service and repair agent you should call Gold Coast Catering Equipment Services asap.

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If you want to get the best out of your glasswasher, whatever the brand you really need to get it installed correctly. Washtech, Norris, Eswood, Hobart we service, repair and install them all. Remember warranty will not cover a service call out that has been caused by incorrect installation. Not only that but your commercial glasswasher or dishwasher will operate better and need less repairs over the course of its life if it is installed right the first time.

Things to know when you are installing a commercial Glasswasher!

Power requirement – Most commercial glasswashers run off 15 amp plugs so it is important to check and see what sort of outlet you need to have prior to ordering you newglasswasher.

Water requirement – Hot or cold water? Different brand and model Glasswashers use hot or cold-water supplies. We have been to many glasswashers on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane that do not work properly because they are connected to hot water when they really need a cold-water supply, or vice versa. Also, water pressure is important. Too much and you need a pressure reducer to little and you need a pressure booster. 350Kpa is perfect and it is worth talking to your plumber to make sure that you have close to that water pressure. An easy way to check is to put a standard 10 litre plastic bucket under the tap you want to use and time how long it takes to fill the bucket. If it takes longer than 60 seconds, then the water pressure is too low and if it is quicker than 30 seconds then it is too high. Consult your plumber to identify any problem prior to installation of your commercial glasswasher.

Drainage – most modern glasswashers use a drain pump which allows you to install a commercial glasswasher wherever you have a sink. You can easily attach your commercial glasswasher to the spigot of the s-trap under the closest sink and the drain pump will empty the glasswasher whenever its needed. If you do not get a glasswasher with a drain pump then you must have a drain hole underneath the glasswasher for it to empty into.

Whether you want to install a Washtech, Norris or Hobart glasswasher or you need a Hobart glasswasher service and repair agent Call Gold Coast Catering Equipment ServicesTalk to us about setting up a preventative maintenance schedule for your glasswashers to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs whenever possible. Remember we are Norris Glasswasher service and repair agents and Washtech glasswasher service and repair agents and we cover from Brisbane to theGold coast including of course Robina, Surfers paradise, Southport, Coomera and Helensvale.

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